Our Production Facilities
   A simple vision can make a far reaching difference. Some 20 years
back we saw a great opportunity in a business built around trust and
quality. Looking back, we realize this vision has made us what we are
today and has guided our growth.

What started as small factory has grown now to six state of the art
factories, one in Dubai and five in Oman. Combined, that gives us 100
tons per day of freezing capacity to produce raw/cooked IQF, Block and
tunnel frozen products.

We were not content with having a state of the art factory; we
realized the difference that quality people make to the seafood
business. Our factory staff average about 25 year's experience in
seafood business. They are quality fanatics when it comes to seafood.
Their commitment and dedication ensures only the highest grade fish
is procured and distributed
Ever noticed how the word quality bring up all jargons and clichés without much substance? We have always
kept it simple. We realize that the quality of fish cannot be improved once it is out of water. We can only
preserve it the best way possible. Hence we make sure that only the best raw materials get selected and
each product leave our factory in the best possible condition.

That's not all. We always knew quality must be consistent and comply with standards. It is no surprise that
we were the first factory in UAE to be certified ISO 22000. All our products are HACCP certified as well.
A Simple approach to Quality
Jalan Bani
Production Facilities Location
Cuttle Fish Dubai
Our main production plant is located in Dubai. Across Oman, production facilities are located close to the fish landing sites in-order to source the freshest and highest quality seafood.